July 12, 2017

2017 Effie Spotlight: Vaseline with Direct Relief, “The Vaseline Healing Project”

The North American Effie Awards and ATOMCK have teamed up to present a special interview series featuring winners from the 2017 competition. Alan Hart, Managing Partner at ATOMCK and host of “Marketing Today”, sat down with these marketers to discuss insights from their Effie-winning work.

In this week’s 2017 Winner Spotlight, Hart spoke with Kathleen Dunlop, global marketing director at Vaseline, to discuss “The Vaseline Healing Project,” created in partnership with BBH and the nonprofit Direct Relief.

Vaseline worked with Direct Relief to provide relief packages and medical care to people in crisis zones after learning its jelly was a staple in field hospitals where skin conditions are one of the top-10 issues affecting people. The project came to life when Dunlop and her team turned Vaseline’s tagline into a question they set out to answer: Where is the healing power of Vaseline?

She found it’s in the crisis zones and refugee camps around the world. It’s in the difference between healing and hurting. And it’s in the obligation of Vaseline to stand up for those forgotten by the international community. Sometimes the simplest thing can make the biggest difference. Dunlop turned this discovery into a moving story of the resiliency of people living in destructive circumstances, with content that resonated with people across the globe, giving Vaseline a bolder social voice in a world where Dunlop believes brands that stand for something are the ones that will thrive.

“The Vaseline Healing Project” by Vaseline and BBH took home an Effie in the Personal Care category at the 2017 North American Effie Awards.