Alan Hart
August 12, 2015

#TDThanksYou With A Heart-warming Campaign

In what just may have been one of the most touching and memorable videos of the past year, TD Bank released its TD Thanks You campaign, which featured TD-style ATM’s, or Automated Thank You Machines, throughout various locations in Canada.

However, rather than merely dispensing money, these special ATM’s dispensed various gifts, in order to show the customers that TD Bank truly appreciates their business.

Alan Hart caught up with Chris Stamper, TD Bank’s SVP of Corporate Marketing, at this year’s North American Effie Awards Gala in New York, to discuss the inspiration behind the Effie-winning TD Thanks You campaign, as well as the driving factors behind TD’s successful marketing efforts.

Stamper attributes the success of the campaign and its video, which has garnered over twenty-one million views on YouTube, to the willingness of the TD branch staff to truly get to know their customers on an individual level. And with over 1,300 locations on the east coast alone, this type of interpersonal connection shows an effort by the TD branch staff that is nothing less than impressive. After all, despite what some may think, it wasn’t sheer luck that led to the customers getting the gifts. Rather, the TD branch staff prospected each customer and selected those that they felt could really benefit from this campaign.

Stamper insists that TD Bank, which topped Interbrand’s Best Canadian Brands list in 2014, can’t possibly take all of the credit for the campaign’s success. “Our agency partners are incredible,” says Stamper. “We really have a true partnership, and we couldn’t imagine doing any of our work without them. And when you have that open trust from a partner standpoint, it gets you to new places.”

In addition to partnerships with companies, Stamper mentions that another area of partnership that marketers should focus on is partnering with the customer, while staying up-to-date. “I think all marketers need to make sure that the customer is front and center of what they do,” Stamper mentions. “If you’re not present in that digital world, I think you’re going to be left behind.”

“Don’t be afraid to try,” insists Stamper. “I think you’ve got to try, and not everything is going to work, but with great risk comes great reward. As a marketer, you’ve got to be bold.”

And by being bold is just how TD Bank plans to take on future endeavors, citing “personalization” as a key to unlock success down the road. “[Personalization] is really the future,” he says. “How you shop, how you buy. So I think that the more local, and the more relevant you can make your communication, the more success you’ll have as a marketer.”