Alan Hart
March 23, 2015

Sophisticated Brand Drives Marketing Success, Stylish Campaign

When Diageo Director of Gins Matt Pechman took over in 2011, the Tanqueray brand was in decline.

“Tanqueray hadn’t grown in six years, which is an eternity in consumer products goods,” he said. “So we knew that we had to start over and completely restage the brand, and that meant going back to first principles.”

It started with insight. For their target consumer, Team Tanqueray honed in on a saavy, successful and driven guy always looking to take things up a notch.

“He really wants to get the most out of his experiences, and when it comes to setting the tone for his evening or having a great night out, we, Tanqueray, want to give him the confidence and the know-how to do exactly that,” Pechman said.

With that, Team Tanqueray’s creative partners at Mother New York came up with “Tonight We Tanqueray,” a campaign that puts the brand in a flashy, sophisticated black-and-white world.

“We wanted to bring some style, some sophistication, some swagger, some attitude to the brand to give it a compelling identity so that our target consumer would think to our brand when he is looking to create a better experience for himself and his friends,” Pechman said.

But the biggest challenge wasn’t coming up with the creative. It was giving the company belief and confidence that the high-profile campaign would transform a brand that hadn’t seen growth in years  and getting them to invest behind it.

“The heavy lifting we had to do that first year was really about convincing the organization that this campaign would work and that this would be the campaign that takes Tanqueray back into growth. That was the real challenge,” he said.

Three years in, that heavy lifting has paid off.

“We’ve made great strides in driving awareness and building this stylish, sophisticated world around the brand and we’re looking to find ways to move from the consideration or the awareness-building to conversion and how to get consumers into bars and restaurants ordering Tanqueray as their first drink of the night,” Pechman said.

As Team Tanqueray sets their sights on conversion, it’s a good reminder of how they define marketing effectiveness.

“You can produce great creative, but if it’s not effective in moving the needle on your brand, then it’s not really working that hard for you,” Pechman said. “We view ourselves as brand owners in addition to being marketers within Diageo. We’re accountable for our brand’s P & L and we feel like we are responsible for every aspect that contributes to the brand’s success.”

His advice to marketers?

“You need to figure out where your consumer is, how to reach them, and make the decision to go after it and then measure and evaluate really rigorously after that,” Pechman said. “That’s what we’ve tried to do on Tanqueray. Hopefully, also have a lot of fun along the way.”

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