August 7, 2015

Put the “Content” In Your Content Marketing Strategy

If you’re involved in the marketing space to any degree, you probably can’t browse over your LinkedIn page for more than 20 seconds without seeing some kind reference to content marketing. Yes content marketing – the thing that everyone talks about – that few know how to implement – and that even fewer actually see beneficial results from. However, sales and marketing veteran Time Riestere, who also happens to be the Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at Corporate Visions Inc., gives some interesting insight into how more marketers can see their content marketing strategies drive decisions and results. In his article, which can be read here, Riesterer points out 3 key elements, that when emphasized can take your content marketing strategy to the next level.

1. Stake out a unique perspective to drive your campaigns:

  • You know your campaign content has to be provocative, urgency-inducing, and rich with insights that create action, not tepid virtual consumption.

2. Use visual storytelling tools that reflect how buyers process change.

  • To take full advantage of that reality, your sales presentation tools have to help salespeople guide prospects in a way that reflects how people come to embrace change.

3. Equip salespeople with playbooks that align your stories:

  • The conversion gap, or the gulf between your demand generation and sales-directed stories, isn’t a problem to take lightly.


How these strategies can help your marketing efforts.

Well if your particular digital marketing style is tailored more towards email marketing for the purpose of sales and generating leads, then tips 1 and 2 are definitely for you. Think about it. To even get people to open and read your email you need something that’s provocative and/or urgency-inducing. And to convert that person into a lead (for future nurturing) for the purpose of making a sale, you need to tell show them how people change after experiencing your product or service.

Tip 3 fits right along with tips 1 and 2, because it emphasizes consistency. I mean honestly. The last thing you’d want as a sales and marketing manager, is for one of your associates to be selling product XYZ as one thing, while another associate is selling the same product as a completely different thing, and doing so, in a completely different way. It’s often said that rules and guidelines hamper creativity, but when it comes to funneling potential customers through the sales pipeline, everyone needs to be on the same page, so consistency is king.

The best part about Riestere’s article? He’s not reinventing the wheel. He’s not coming up with some completely unique way to approach content marketing. He’s simply recommending that we as marketers fine-tune a few of our methods in an effort to get our content marketing to drive decisions, and subsequent results. These 3 tips are so simple, yet that can be so beneficial to your business. Could you think of a few more tips to add to Riesterer’s list?